Important information Before your appointment



 Your measurements are very important as vintage sizes do not correspond with  modern dress sizes. In addition many dresses were custom made or have been altered.  

1. Bust - Underarm to underarm

2. Waist - this is your TRUE waist (smallest part of your torso) 

3. Hips - widest part 

4. Height  

2. Budget - this is for only your dress. Not alterations or accessories

3. Any particular style you have in mind (this is only if you know for example you want 50’s style and only 50’s style. Otherwise it’s best to keep an open mind with vintage).  4. Also, it’s helpful to know where and when your wedding is so we have an idea of timing and the feel of your venue. *Providing your information by email is usually the most efficient way to start.


Your budget is for the cost of your dress including any possible alterations. Do not include your accessories in this figure.


It's helpful to know if you are set on a particular style. For example you would like a 50's style dress and only a 50's style. Otherwise it's best to keep an open mind with vintage. Also, if you know the silhouette that looks best on you please let me know. If not, don't worry. That's what I'm here for! 

Date and location

Having your date and location of your wedding can be very helpful. It can help inform the style of dress that will suit your venue and your vision